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After a long, well thought out process, we have designed a mask that is stylish, simple, and comfortable to allow use during a long day at school or work. Our masks will keep you, and others, safe as we enter a new, socially distanced school year. Three layers of prewashed, preshrunk, 100% cotton fabric to allow easy breathability and protection. Although masks may seem thicker than most, they are still breathable. We are not trading comfort for protection.  On each side of the mask are elastics that are adjustable and stretchy, making it more customizable towards anyone’s face shape. To make wearing a mask more convenient, a lanyard is attached to the ends of the elastics so that it can be worn like a necklace when not in use. 

These masks are personalized towards the Casady Community with the school’s crest on the side so that every cyclone can be protected while showing school spirit. 

More about our masks:


Our masks are customizable to fit anyone’s face. We have two sizes- Adults and kids, to ensure that anyone from Primary to Upper division will be protected on Campus. In order for our masks to be more size-inclusive, our ear loops are made of stretchy elastic that can be adjusted to fit behind your ear. 



Elastics are made of polyester material, that allows for strong elasticity and flexibility. This makes our masks more comfortable and makes sure that anyone and everyone in the Casady Community will fit our masks. At the end of each elastic, a rubber stopper makes the mask adjustable while holding the lanyard. When not in use, the mask can be worn around your neck like a necklace from the lanyard. 

Comfort and protection:

Our masks do not trade comfort for protection. We feature three layers that will protect you from others and others from you. Although masks may seem thicker than most, they are still breathable. While in use, fold out the flaps at the top and bottom for added protection around your nose and chin. 

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